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Pierre Birgé (EMail:PDB@genstar.ge.com) from Nogent sur Oise, France on May 12 1998, 13:05
responded: It might be quicker to list the German locomotives which have not run in Belgium at any time!

Anyway, here is some information on the BR 52 type which has run in Belgium, and even has a Polish connection (you will have to read to the end of the story
for that):

In 1943 the German authorities ordered 200 type 52 locomotives and tenders from various locomotive builders in Belgium. These were to be 52 8001 to 52
8200 . Working methods appropriate to the circumstances meant than none of these locomotives were actually delivered until after the liberation of Belgium;
the 100 type 52 locomotives which were under construction at the time were then intended for the Belgian Railways upon completion, as SNCB / NMBS type

The builders and delivery dates are as follows:

Tubize : 26.001 to 26.024 (+ 26.100 (former 2600) , delivered from 11 August 1945 to 3 September 1946 (builders numbers 2308 to 2332).

Cockerill : 26.025 to 26.049 , delivered from 3 February 1946 to 9 July 1946 (builders numbers 3338 to 3362).

Haine St. Pierre : 26.050 to 26.074 , delivered from 11 September 1945 to 7 January 1947 (builders numbers 1914 to 1938).

Anglo-Franco-Belge (AFB) : 26.075 to 26.099 , delivered from 20 March 1946 to 30 October 1947 (builders numbers 2623 to 2647).

The main differences between these locomotives and the more standard BR 52 are the open cab as opposed to fully enclosed cab, and a lower chimney stack.


In 1946 10 locomotives went to Luxembourg railways CFL, these were 26.012 to 16, and 26.042 to 046. Eight of them were used for a short while by
SNCB / NMBS, but 26.045 and 26.046 were delivered directly to Luxembourg from the factory. Consequently SNCB / NMBS only ever really used 90
type 26 .

The type 26 were mainly used to pull heavy iron ore and coal trains, typically on the "Athus-Meuse" line. They were occasionally used on passenger trains. In
the mid 1950's diesels appeared, and the last type 26 was withdrawn in 1963. All have been scrapped, including the 10 CFL locomotives in Luxembourg.

Today however it is possible to see SNCB / NMBS locomotive 26.101 in steam in Belgium. This locomotive was a former PKP locomotive and belongs to a
Belgian group for the preservation of steam called PFT, who bought it in Poland, modified it and painted it to look like a SNCB / NMBS type 26. You can
see a picture of it at


Unfortunately and before you ask, I do not know which locomotive it was in Poland, and what its history was prior to moving to Belgium. Maybe someone
else knows more.

In HO scale Märklin make a model of SNCB / NMBS 26.005 , which also will be or is already available for two rail DC.

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