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Locomotive NSB Di6.662 arrived as the first Di 6 in Trondheim on 8th March 1996. This picture was taken in Marienborg Workshop on the very first trip on a Norwegian track driven by its own engine. (Picture: 13.3.1996 Sværd Øyvind)

Di06-63-01: Loco 663 is photographed during its final test of the ATC - system (Automatic Train Control) on 21st March 1996. From this day the locomotive is (-eh, should be) fit for fight. (Picture: 21.3.1996 Sværd Øyvind)

Cab of Di 6.772 (Picture: Sværd Øyvind)

Di06-65-04: Loco 665 arrives Fauske with the cargo train 5791 on 8th August 1996. As you can see the weather was fine and the temperature high, more than 25 degrees so far as I remember. Because of that the lifeboats (2 x Di 3) had to work the train in the up-gradients and NSB concluded that Siemens had to do something with the over-temperatures in the engine room, lube-oil, cooling water, electrodynamic brake and the computers. (Picture: 8.8.1996 Sværd Øyvind)

The brand new NSB Di6 667 and 668 at Alnabru, Oslo. (Pictures: 29.11.1996 Roar G. Nilsson)

Di06-67-04: Winter test with two lifeboats again. At this moment we had no problems with the over-temperatures. From now the problem was low temperatures that caused that the computers sometimes collapsed. On this picture you can see loco 667 in front of the cargo train 5791 in Majavatn on the Nordlandsbanen. (Picture: 2.2.1997 Sværd Øyvind)

667 arrives the station in Trondheim and is about to couple on to it's train. (Pictures: 9.2.1997 Stig Arne Baumeyer)

Di 6.667 together with the lifeboats Di 3.626 and 623 departures Mosjoen with cargo train 5791. (Picture: 11.2.1997 Sværd Øyvind)

Di06-68-04: The picture shows Di 6.668 together with an old GM lifeboat in Mo I Rana. (Picture: 13.2.1997 Sværd Øyvind)

Di06-65-06: Loco 665 together with a Swedish Rc6 in Storlien on the Norwegian/ Swedish border. The locomotive is a bit dirty, and that signs well. It tells that the locomotive has been nearly reliable for some months now, I took this picture on 10th October 1997. I remember that the diesel engine stopped because of low oil pressure on this trip to Storlien, which is about 600 m above sea level. (Picture: 10.10.1997 Sværd Øyvind)

NSB Di 6. 665 + 6.662 under repair at the workskshop in Trondheim / Norway (Picture: 17.6.1998 Christian Bruun)

NSB Di 6. 667 between Viernes and Hell with freighttrain to Trondheim (Picture: 18.6.1998 Christian Bruun)

NSB Di 6. 667 arrives to Trondheim with the freighttrain from Bode (Picture: 18.6.1998 Christian Bruun)

Gemeinsam mit einer Lok des Seehafens Kiel beförderte die NSB Di6.664 (30008/1996Di6) am 18.03.1999 einen Kohlezug der Verkehrsbetriebe des Kreises Plön (VKP) durch den Abzweig Kiel Süd. (Foto: Gunnar Meisner)

Well, this was the tragic day - the engines were shipped out. Actually, it took three days to complete the transfer of the locomotives. A different locomotive was used to haul the Di6's each day. The first day, Di3.620 was used. The clock is just 5 in the morning on the 18th of May 1999. Di3.620 has just arrived on the wharf track with the first Di6 to be shipped out - 663. (Picture: Stig Arne Baumeyer)

The date has changed to the 20th of May 1999, it is the last day of loading the locomotives into the ship. Three Di6's enjoy the sunlight, 666 had the unofficial pet name "Animal"... (Picture: Stig Arne Baumeyer)

662 is being hauled to its final destination on Norwegian tracks, by the motive power it was intended to replace (Picture: Stig Arne Baumeyer)

Di6.663 is lifted and carefully positioned to be lowered into the ship (Picture: Stig Arne Baumeyer)

Di6.670 is lifted along. (Picture: 20.5.1999 Stig Arne Baumeyer)

The Swedish T44 no.264, rented from SJ, set out Di6.669 as the last Di6 to be taken on board the ship. (Picture: 20.5.1999 Stig Arne Baumeyer)

Di6.669 is standing alone, as all the other locomotives are already taken on board. (Picture: 20.5.1999 Stig Arne Baumeyer)

This picture is one of the last one of the Di6 on Norwegian soil, or sea, to be more exact. 669 is lifted on board "Beluga Performer" 20th May 1999. (Picture: 20.5.1999 Stig Arne Baumeyer)

Both pictures are photographed in the hold of the Malta registered cargo ship “Beluga Performer”. Six of the locomotives were loaded on the lower deck and the rest of the upper deck. I took these pictures 20th of May 1998, and the Ship left Trondheim harbour the 21st. So far as I know these are the last pictures of Di 6 photographed in Norway. (Picture: 20.5.1998 Sværd Øyvind)

Locomotive ME26 (Foto: Siemens)

NSB Di 6. 663, 665 and 662 at the DSB Workshop / Atelier DSB Copenhagen (Picture: 6.9.1999 Christian Bruun)

NSB Di 6. 667 at the DSB Workshop / Atelier DSB Copenhagen (Picture: 11.9.1999 Christian Bruun)

NSB Di 6. 663 is taken into the DSB Workshop / Atelier DSB Copenhagen (Picture: 5.10.1999 Christian Bruun)

NSB Di 6. 668 Workshop / Atelier DSB Copenhagen (Picture: 5.10.1999 Christian Bruun)

NSB Di 6. 667 + 6.666 Workshop / Atelier DSB Copenhagen (Picture: 8.12.1999 Christian Bruun)

Di 6.667 des Siemens Lokpools in Kopenhagen (Picture: Christoph Müller)

Locomotives CFL 1816 et ME26-09 au Dépôt de Luxembourg (Photo: 23.5.2000 jmo)

Poste de conduite de la / Führerstand der CFL ME26-09 (Photo: 23.5.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-05 au Dépôt de Luxembourg (Photo: 14.6.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-02 au triage de Bettembourg (Photo: 26.6.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-09 au triage de Bettembourg (Photo: 26.6.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-09 à Schifflange (Photo: 5.7.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-09 à Schifflange (Photo: 5.7.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-03 à Pétange (Photo: 14.7.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL ME26-03 à Pétange (Photo: 14.7.2000 jmo)

Locomotive CFL DE2650-04 à Mersch (Photo: 8.8.2000 Michel Flammang)

Locomotives CFL (1 de la série 1800 et 3 de la série ME26) à Luxembourg (Photo: 20.11.2000 Michel Flammang)


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