Hello (N scale Europe I&II Eras)

24 Feb 2022 13:46 #5880 von Sandro
Hello (N scale Europe I&II Eras) wurde erstellt von Sandro
Hi everyone, my name is Alexander,

I have been collecting model trains from my school time. Started with 12mm but then quickly switched to the N scale and stayed there for decades. My collection focus on Europe I and II Eras.

Since now I am retired, in addition to collecting, I also am a maker of brass models. For now, wagons but in future will make locomotives too. My focus so far has been on wine (founder) wagons, champagne wagons and a couple of goods wagons. In the making, I have a post wagon, a Swiss wine wagon and a couple of beer wagons. Feel free to check the section of the website with articles, I plan to add more historical information as well as the process of making a brass model.

I would like to sincerely thank this forum for inspiration to create Champagne Mercier wagons, it would not have been possible without art material presented here. atticdepapa.com/collections/champagne-mercier

Kindest regards,

PS. www.atticdepapa.com

N scale oldtimer fan

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